Lier in English

Lier Upper Secondary School is a vibrant vocational school situated in Buskerud, Norway. We have currently approximately 624 pupils. Our educational provision ranges from Health and Social Care, Child Care and Youth Work, Ambulance Service Skills, Electricity and Electronics with specialization in Health and Environmental Technology, Design, Arts and Floral Design, Service and communication - level 1, Sales, Service and security service - level 2,  Transportation and Logistics - level 2, Electrical Trades and Electronics, to Supplementary programme for general studies. Additionally, we have a Resource Centre for pupils with Autism.

Mission and Vision

The main goal of the school is to make every pupil experience achievement, maximise their learning outcome, and minimise school dropouts. Lier Upper Secondary School’s mission is to educate the best vocational workers. Doing this, it is important for us to provide our pupils with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve this. Thus, what is taught at school is closely clinked to what is needed in future working and commercial life. Working with entrepreneurship and innovation has made us a recognized partner for local and regional businesses. The school’s ambition is to recruit more pupils and make vocational programmes more attractive.

Learning outcomes

We firmly believe that all pupils should be able to reach their full potential in their training. The school’s responsibility is therefor to encourage and facilitate for this. We offer Study Workshops for common core subjects, e.g. Maths, English, and Norwegian, on several levels. Additionally, a team of councellers, school nurses, and special needs education services will provide our pupils with guidance on school matters and their psychosocial environment.


Innovation and international activities

 Lier Upper Secondary School is a forward-thinking school. We have over many years developed innovation and entrepreneurship as a regular approach in many subjects and is now a methodical tool in several projects. To name a few, level 2 students Flower Design, Café Brukbar and year 3 students, who choose entrepreneurship as an optional subject, all develop products and set up businesses. Teachers are also able to participate in university courses for upgrading their qualifications regarding entrepreneurship in schools.

The latest development in our organisation has been the establishing of new study programmes in Health and Social Care, Service and Transport, Child Care and Youth Work, and Electricity and Electronics with specialization in Health and Environmental Technology. These study programmes are quite unique in the way that our pupils receive both a trade certificate, university, and college admissions certification, in less time than a regular study programme. The first two new programmes mentioned are both part of an internationalization project in which the pupils attend college and get work experience in London for three weeks in year 2. This innovative project has recruitment to vocational programmes as one of its main goals.

Since 2014, Lier Upper Secondary School has arranged Innovation camps that every years involves 200 students and partners from local businesses. Our students also compete in regional competitions. Several of our student’s businesses have won prizes in different categories.

Our school works closely with a diverse group of local businesses and professionals. Additionally, we have a coordinator for community and business contact who is responsible for this important relation with our local community. Thus, this method is systematically integrated and rooted in our organisation. Based on this, we won the title Entrepreneurial School of the Year in Buskerud County Council in 2016. One of our teachers won the title Entrepreneurial Teacher of the Year 2018 in Buskerud county council. 



Publisert 6. november 2018, oppdatert 17. desember 2019.