Partnership between Hammersmith & Fulham College, WLC, and Lier Upper Secondary School

Lier Upper Secondary Schools is currently in the process of partnering up with Hammersmith & Fulham College in London, England. Internationalisation is an important project of ours and something which we have worked with since 2014, where students attending the 4-year Health and Social care and Service and Transportation study programmes get to travel abroad. Previously, our students have had two weeks of work experience in London while living with host families, facilitated through ADC College. This year, 31 students stayed in London for three weeks, attending Hammersmith & Fulham College the first week and working in different businesses for the remaining two weeks. We have now formed the framework for further cooperation with our partner organisation, and Lier Upper Secondary School is delighted to develop our internationalisation project together with Hammersmith & Fulham College. An exchange programme is in the making, and the advantages of such a partnership are many.

For our students, the learners internship objectives are to enhance the learners knowledge and understanding of the different educational cultures within the UK and the country of Norway, to give our students a new perspective and a greater understanding of different cultures and societies that will contribute to their personal development, and to improve our students employability skills and different work sector knowledge through the use of work placement abroad.

For the staff of both Hammersmith & Fulham College and Lier Upper Secondary School, the internships objectives are to develop the sharing of good practices and resources between two educational institutes from different countries through collaborations and teamwork, to enhance the skills and professional development of our staff through the experience of teaching within Norway and the UK, and to increase the collaboration of colleagues across different education curriculums within our own education institutes.


We are looking forward to welcoming Hammersmith & Fulham College teachers and students to our school in April 2019.


Publisert 30. november 2018, oppdatert 30. november 2018.